10 Easter Inspired Recipes for Sunday

10 Easter Inspired Recipes for Sunday


Easter Inspired Recipe Roundup

We have a thing against Peeps.

It borders on hatred and disgust.

But this doesn’t mean we are anti all Easter eats. In fact, we really love bunnies, eggs and fare dotted in pretty pastels. It is just the marshmallow-sugar birds that make us cringe! Our vote: ban them or microwave them and watch them blow-up. The choice is yours.

Easter is the first family-focused event post the holidays which means that the main dish is normally covered by the host. So we decided to roundup our favorite side dish/dessert goodies that should make their way to your Easter table.

We think you will be pleased.

1. Easter Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Home Stories A to Z

Decorating your eats is part of the Easter fun and we can’t stop saying “so cute” about these festive chocolate covered strawberries.

Easter Strawberries

2. Bunny Bait from Sing for your Supper Blog

An Easter-inspired trail mix! Now that is a snack we want to munch on.

Bunny Bait

3. Cadbury Crème Fudge from Raising 4 Princesses

We can’t express how genius this twist on a classic Easter candy is!

Cadbury Creme Fudge

4. Dyed Deviled Eggs from Mom Dot

This is the modern way to decorate Easter eggs…don’t you think? #obsessed

Dyed Deviled Eggs

5. Carrot Crescents from Hungry Happenings

These carrot sandwiches are a true crowd pleaser. Make them for a light lunch before the Easter feast.

Carrot Crescents

6. Easter Egg Bark from Southern Girl Ramblings

The good thing about this recipe, there is plenty to go around…and trust us, you’ll need it.

easter egg bark

7. Leftover Jelly Bean Pop-Tarts from Serious Eats

After the Easter egg hunt, this is an obvious next day recipe for your leftover Jelly Bellys.

Jelly Bean Pop Tarts

8. Lamb Shaped Cake Pops from SheKnows

These little guys are so cute you might not want to eat them!

lamb shaped cake pops

9. Sweet Pea and Mint Soup from Real Simple

Easter is a reminder that spring is in the air. Keep it green and light with a spring pea soup.

Sweet Pea and Mint Soup

10. Easter Egg Lunch from Kailo Chic

When all else fails, just stuff healthy snacks into plastic eggs. Festive, healthy and fun…we are so in.

Easter Egg Lunch

Do you have a favorite Easter recipe? What do you love about the spring holiday?



  1. I’m so into the idea of the Cadbury fudge! I’ve made dyed eggs before-one version I pickled the eggs in beets, and the other I boiled them plain, scooped the yolks and mixed it with a beet juice mixture. All were so pretty! Prettiness being my favorite thing about spring food;)

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