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10 Ways to Fancify your Toast


10 Fancy Toast Recipes

Toast is just toast until you get crazy with the toppings.

We get super excited about food trends (like mason jar dining!) and fancy toast is another one we can’t stop talking about. The other day our co-worker was going on and on about her post-workout snack of toast, avocado, pepper and lemon juice. We had to politely tell her to stop because we were drooling and it wasn’t even close to lunch. The next obvious thing to do was search the web for the best of the best in toast creations so we could make our own and then get our co-worker back (who we love so much!) for not bringing us fancy toast and just talking about it—we have to keep things fair, right?

So, first things first! Fancy toast does not have to just be dressing up whole wheat slices. Size up your bread options. Fancy toast can be made from sourdough, pitas, cornbread or naan. The next step to toasted goodness is to consider your adhesive options. The first thing that hits the toast is what keeps the elements together. This may be cream cheese, nut butter, bean purees or avocado spread. Part of the joy in fancy toast recipes is that the possibilities are endless.

Get on board to the fancy toast trend! Here are 10 of our favorite topped toast recipes to get you started.

1. Banana-Ricotta Toasts from Whole Living

Breakfast just got A LOT better. This bread is loaded with yummies like banana, ricotta, pecans, dates and honey.

ricotta banana toast

2. Grilled Peaches n’ Cream Cheese Toast from Edible Perspective

This is like cream cheese and jam but 100 times better. Make extras.

Grilled Peach and Cream Cheese Toast

3. Avocado Bruschetta with Balsamic Syrup from Taste Food Blog

Just when we thought avocados couldn’t get any better…

Avocado Bruschetta Toast

4. Apple Toast from All Recipes

This is a great after school snack for the kids…or for the adults.

Apple Toast

5. Hummus, Radish and Pea Shoot Toast from Lunchbox Bunch

This loaded toast is a light snack that you will keep going back to.

Hummus Toast

6. Mushroom Toast from BBC GoodFood

Mom’s stroganoff in 10 minutes. We are overly happy about this.

mushroom stroganoff toast

7. Goat Cheese and Asparagus Ragu Toasts from Chow

Bite into spring and do a little dance.

goat cheese and asparagus toasts

8. Roasted Beet and Corn Bruschetta from Meals for Moderns

If we could eat beets every day, we would. This just brought our obsession to a whole new level.

roasted beet and corn bruschetta

9. Kale, Egg and Avocado Toast from Love & Lemons

Kale keeps popping up in our recipes and we are more than okay with it. Talk about breakfast for a king or a queen!

Kale Egg and Avocado Toast

10. Breakfast Lentil Toast from Veggie Num Num

Never thought that lentils could be a breakfast food, but eating them over this warm multigrain toast is such a filling way to start your day.

Lentil Toast

Are you into the fancy toast trend? Do you have a favorite toast recipe? 


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