Anywhere Arms Routine: A Firecracker Workout

Anywhere Arms Routine: A Firecracker Workout


I know everyone is talking about the prettiest and healthiest star spangled banner recipes right now. But I am just not as prepared as Martha Stewart.

Oh so pretty…if you are a Fourth kind of planner!

So instead of encouraging you to go red, white and blue in the kitchen this Fourth of July wanted to share an arm exercise sequence you can easily do while the sky lights up. And no one will even even give you weird sideways glances while you exercise because the mini arm movements will have you feeling the burn, but not breaking a sweat.

I know my new Fitfluential friends will love this firecracker inspired circuit! I’m a new member and already feel like I am family. Check them out!!

Before you get into your fitness and fireworks routine. Here is a look at how your stance should be:

Since this is a firecracker workout let’s make this one last for the duration of your sky show. Yes? When you are so distracted with the pretty lights and crackles you will hardly feel like you exercised for 30 minutes. Just bring your arms in for a momentary break in between firework sets. You can also make it a fun game with the kids.

Phase two of this arm burner would be to complete the entire cycle while holding light weights (3 to 5 pounds). I’m more at soup can stage but working up to being an arm warrior.

Of course you can do this arm exercise sans fireworks while watching a show at home or in between emails at your desk. Anywhere goes!

Fitness bucket list to workout under a fireworks show? Done and done!

Have a happy and healthy Fourth everyone. Please pin and share this super simple arm routine!

Where is the strangest place you have exercised? Where are you going to do the Anywhere Arms Routine? Let’s chat below!

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    • Thanks for the warm welcome! I am overly excited but a little overwhelmed with all that is going on. Can’t wait to get in the Fitfluential grove!

  1. Well, I am a day late and a dollar short! That is okay, though, because I am sure I can find time to do this workout routine that definitely hits one of my most problematic spots. Thanks for sharing, Jana

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