Best of BSW: 12 Most Popular Posts of 2012

Best of BSW: 12 Most Popular Posts of 2012


Hard to believe that not that just about a year ago Bite Size Wellness was just an idea and now it has grown leaps and bounds from just a health concept to a growing website. With a year of writing from the health desk coming to a close we wanted to thank our readers for coming on this wellness journey with us. It has been amazing so far!

We couldn’t resist looking back and sharing some of BSW’s favorite and most popular posts of 2012:

1. 10 Utterly Unique Chili Recipes

2. Work Achievement: 9 Ways to Handle a Sucky Boss

3. Make-Up Health: When to Ditch Your Goods

4. Grocery Waster: Lengthen the Shelf Life of your Fare

5. 10 Daily Reminders for a Healthy Life

6. My (Zero) Treadmill Attention Span

7. Diet Sabotage: Break Bad Eating Habits

8. 7 Deadly Health Sins

9. 8 Weird and Wacky Beauty Tricks that Work

10. 12 Mental Blocks you Should Let Go of Today 

11. 10 Gym-Free Fitness Ideas

12. 10 Breadless Sandwich Ideas  <<<<< Our all time most popular post!

More to come in 2013! Thank you to everyone for being a loyal reader of our bites of health.

What is your favorite BSW post? What do you want to see more of in 2013?

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