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Best of the Weekly Bite


Best of the Weekly Bite

For the past year we have been bringing the lesser-known produce into the spotlight. It is important to go off the beaten aisle and bring new, unique eats to your plate. Your taste buds appreciate it and stepping out of the banana and carrot comfort zone can boost your mood and overall health. Being perfectly happy with Taco Tuesday and Spaghetti Saturday is no longer an option with the Weekly Bite!

Here are some of our 12 favorite seasonal food discoveries of 2012:

1. Dandelion Greens: Not your Average Weed

2. Garlic Scapes: My New Best Friend

3. Ugli Fruit: A Strange Citrus

4. Fiddlehead Ferns: A Vegetable with Character

5. Summer’s Best: Yellow Watermelon

6. Dragon Fruit: A Quest-Worthy Fruit

7. Delicata Squash: The Squash you Should Know

8. Tango with Tangelo

9. Cactus Pear: More than a Prickly Face

10. Crushing on Quince

11. Kohlrabi: Discover this Cool-Weather Crop

12. Horned Melon on the Table

Remember not to judge your food with a bite, lick or taste involved first. You now have the food knowledge so you don’t have to dig in blind.

What was your favorite oddball eat of the year? What would you like to see featured in the Weekly Bite?


  1. Dandelion greens do NOT get enough credit! They’re a GREAT detoxifier, especially when it comes to detoxing heavy metals like mercury! Just sautee it in olive oil and garlic and you won’t taste the bitterness!

  2. Love this! I recently discovered pummelos thanks to a former co-worker and they’re now my favorite winter fruit! Not sure if this is truly a lesser-known produce or if I was just out-of-the-loop, but I’m so glad I discovered them. :)

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