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Bobby Flay Fit Recap: Episode 3 on Mixing it Up


Bobby Flay Fit Episode 3 Recap - Mixing it Up

So, Bobby Flay isn’t perfect at everything despite his prowess in the kitchen…just get him in the weight room!

Bobby takes us on a trip to the gym with his Iron Chef BFF Michael Symon to pump some iron in episode 3 of Bobby Flay Fit on Food Network’s web series. Like many of us, Bobby has a list of go-to workouts that fall into his comfort zone like running or cycling. Lifting weights is not normally part of his routine which is what makes it even more important to incorporate into the fitness loop. As Bobby says, “Staying fit is so much easier when your workout routine isn’t routine.”

We applaud that thinking. Boring workouts are the pits for your body and your mind.

Bobby Flay Fit: Day Three: Mix It Up

Here are the key takeaways from episode 3 of Bobby Flay Fit:

  • Get out of your fitness comfort zone by mixing things up like Bobby does.
  • A stagnant routine will not make you a fitter person. Alter your fitness efforts by trying something new like a sport or a group class.
  • When you are ready to switch up your routine consult an expert before you commit. Knowledge is imperative to an injury-free workout.
  • It is important to eat something before you exercise so you can put all of your energy into your sweat session. Try making Bobby’s pre-workout snack: Chocolate-Coconut Granola Bites.
  • Workouts are more effective when you keep yourself interested and engaged so stop being intimated and shake things up!

Do you switch up your fitness routine often? How much do you love Bobby and Michael’s joint workout?


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