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Bobby Flay Fit Recap: Episode 4 on Discipline


Bobby Flay Fit Episode 4 on Discipline

We just passed the half way mark on our Bobby Flay Fit web series recap. We are loving the inside scoop on Bobby’s life while also getting great tips and tricks from the celebrity chef that we can use for our healthy lifestyle.

This week we travel to the kitchen of Bobby’s NYC restaurant Bar Americain where he prepares a grouper steamed fish recipe inspired for his menu. While he cooks away Bobby talks about the importance of self-control and discipline in regards to his fitness and eating habits. If Bobby can conquer the sometimes hazardous food world then we feel more inspired that we can do it too. After all, for most of us, food is not in our face 24/7 like it is for Bobby.

Bobby Flay Fit: Day Four - Discipline


Here are the key takeaways from episode 4 of Bobby Flay Fit:

  • You have to be disciplined in all aspects of your wellness from your food to your fitness and even the way your schedule yourself. Staying in control of the trifecta will make your efforts worth it.
  • Use bold flavors to encourage healthy cooking. The restaurant world tends to heavily season their eats but you can do the same at home with herbs, spices and vinegars that will make your at-home fare more satisfying.
  • Watch out for the bites you take throughout the day. Without being mindful you can take on the calories of an additional meal.
  • Stay disciplined with your dining by choosing lean proteins and slimming cooking methods like steamed (not fried).
  • As Bobby points out, being careful about what you eat every day comes down to you. No one is going to stop you from putting that extra chocolate in your mouth.

How do you stay disciplined with your health and wellness lifestyle? Do you agree with Bobby that self-control is a must?


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