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Bobby Flay Fit Recap: Episode 7 on Having Fun


Bobby Flay Fit Episode 7 Recap

This is the final episode of Bobby Flay Fit and to say we are sad is an understatement. The inside tips Chef Bobby have shared with us over the last 7 weeks has been invaluable.  In the final webisode Bobby recaps his tips. Here is a review of everything we have learned:

Episode 1: Moderation

Bobby avoids using the word “diet” because he believes that doing so encourages neglecting your body of an essential nutrient. Instead put a focus on your caloric intake by paying attention to portions. Cutting back on your calories by just 25% will make a huge difference.

Episode 2: Motivation

Pushing yourself to the next level feels good and it can motivate you to continue.

Episode 3: Mixing it Up

Keep yourself away from the dreaded exercise rut, but bringing new forms of fitness into your sweat session. If you are a runner try weight lifting. Love spin class? Give kickboxing a try. There are plenty of options out there to inspire your fitness routine.

Episode 4: Discipline

Watch out for mindless eating. Those bites, licks and tastes can add up to additional meals that you didn’t plan for. Discipline is that most difficult part of living a healthy lifestyle, but once you get in a habit of saying no to having seconds or mindlessly munching on candy it becomes second nature.

Episode 5: Get Inspired

Bobby recommends picking activities you love to do so that you want to continue doing them and we concur. If yoga is your thing make sure to incorporate it into your routine. If you really like to run, do it! Another way to get inspired is to take group classes where you can suck in the camaraderie.

Episode 6: Support

There is a lot that can come from having a workout partner. Exercise with someone who has similar goals so you can push each other to get stronger in the gym and keep it healthy in the kitchen. Counting on yourself is good, but the helping hand of someone else will help keep you honest and motivated.

In the last episode Bobby emphasizes one more aspect of living a healthy lifestyle: having fun! After all of your hard work in the kitchen and in the gym you deserve to celebrate your good choices. Bobby’s wise words: “Take one day a week to just enjoy it all.” Healthy living isn’t a punishment…it is a reward!

Bobby Flay Fit: Wrap-Up

We hope that Food Network does a web series on another celebrity chef. We truly enjoyed getting to know the face beyond the screen and their lifestyle habits that other health nuts can relate to.

Did you enjoy the Bobby Flay Fit series? What was your favorite episode?

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