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Bytes for Breakfast: Healthy Food Secrets + Zucchini and Green Chile Egg Casserole


Buying healthy products at the grocery store is not as easy as following the labels on the box.

Products that flaunt that they are “sugar-free,” “fat free,” or “reduced fat” are not always the healthiest choices, but good marketing makes us feel like they are a key component to a healthy diet. The truth is, when it comes to nutrition marketing terms are meaningless. Remember the organic fad?

Every grocery store and market should have a guide to helping you pick out the healthiest food without the nonsense. Kelli Grant from Wall Street Journal Live does just that. She shares a list of what the “healthy food” on the grocery store shelf isn’t telling you. For example, when you see “reduced fat” on a label it is likely that the bad ingredients are being replaced with other ingredients and not actually being reduced so buying the full-fat peanut butter may be the better choice.

Watch the video to see more of what healthy foods are keeping a secret:

What Healthy Foods Won't Tell You

The all-important first meal of the day better be full of real healthy ingredients which is why we love this five ingredient zucchini and green chile egg casserole from Closet Cooking. Simple and clean, but packed with lots of flavor.

Zucchini and Green Chile Breakfast Casserole

Click on the photo for the recipe.

Do you fall into the food labeling trap? What is your most simple breakfast recipe?

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