Bytes for Breakfast: Sleep and Weight Gain + Peaches and Cream French...

Bytes for Breakfast: Sleep and Weight Gain + Peaches and Cream French Toast


No matter how many times we are told to get more sleep, catching a few more Z’s seems like an impossible feat…especially when a night out with friends or a Bravo marathon is cutting into the time we should be getting our shut eye.

Inadequate sleep brings up a long list of health problems like lack of focus during the work day and high blood pressure, but insufficient rest can also cause weight gain. Studies are showing that although your mind may be adjusting to cognitively function with little sleep, there are metabolic consequences that are out of your control happening as well.

The components of weight loss that are emphasized is watching your diet and including physical activity into your routine. But the third, and very important component, is to get the right amount of shut eye. Beyond the metabolic reasons, a lack of counting sheep likely lessons your chances for exercise because you are “too tired” and being up for additional hours in a day gives you more opportunities to indulge in the munchies.

Watch today’s video from CW33 to learn more about why your sleep is of the utmost importance:

Getting Fat? Lack Of Sleep May Be To Blame

Some mornings you just can’t get your butt into gear to make a filling breakfast which is why we love make ahead meals like this peaches and cream French toast recipe from Alice and the Mock Turtle. That’s right…French toast you can eat on-the-go on those days when you are still a sleepyhead. Dream. Come. True.

 peaches and cream french toast

Click on the image for the full recipe!

How many hours of shut eye do you get? What is your favorite make ahead breakfast recipe?

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