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Daily Bite [LOL]: Old Fitness LP’s for Record Store Day


Old Fitness LPs for Record Store Day

What does Record Store Day have to do with health and wellness? Long before there were Spotify playlists and iPods to keep our attention while we sweat it out on the treadmill, there were vinyl records that would inspire people’s fitness routines.

We are talking Jane Fonda, Peter Powell, Bonnie Prudden, Paul Fogarty’s (and more) that give you a taste of what it was like to streamline your figure several decades back. From the covers alone, you can tell things have changes. A lot.

As it goes with previous Record Store Day celebrations, musicians can be found doing live in-store performances and special Record Store Day exclusive releases. This is a big deal if you are a huge music fan or into collectables, but we decided to make today’s LOL experience a throwback to what fitness was like way back when. All of the leotard and legging glory (and some interesting poses) made us feel grateful for our Lululemon stash and our solo acts on the elliptical.

Take part in the vinyl revival tomorrow…and keep your eye out for these:

Peter Powell


Exercise with Gloria


Keep Fit Be Happy


Paul Fogarty's Famous Forty Exercises




What do you think of these old records? Would you want to add these fitness classics to your collection?


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