Daily Bite : Leap of Faith from Margaret Sheperd

Daily Bite [Say]: Leap of Faith from Margaret Sheperd


margaret shepard take a leap of faith

Our obsession with inspiring quotes is corny and never ending.

But they say what we are thinking, feeling, needing so clear and concise so there is very little not to love.

When we stumbled across these wise words from artist and author Margaret Sheperd we literally said “so true” out loud.

Leap of Faith Quote by Margaret Shepard

We think any healthy lifestyle should be guided by a desire to transform in a positive way. Taking a leap of faith helps your boldly step into a realm of possibilities. Think about those times when you were too scared to take a new fitness class alone.  Or when you forgo an opportunity to commit to new eating habits because you were worried about failing in the long run.

Taking a leap into the unknown requires courage and strength but when you do embrace the process you can relish in the divine moments that would have otherwise passed you by. And learning new things about yourself is a great way to reboot your wellbeing, mentally and physically.

Before you take your leap of faith, consider the following:

Are you already grounded? Do a check-in with yourself and be sure you aren’t constantly embarking on the roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences. You don’t want to always be a leaper.

Are you clear on the reason you want to leap? The more clarity you have about your reasons the more you will get out of your new experiences.

Are you passionate about what you want to discover? Ultimately when you take your leap you want to gain something from it so do your research and pursue an activity that will really help you take your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

What do you think about this quote from Margaret Shepard? Have you taken a leap for your healthy lifestyle?



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