Daily Bite : Alternating Kickdowns

Daily Bite [Sweat]: Alternating Kickdowns


Alternating Kickdowns Feature

This week’s Daily Bite [Sweat] is a deceptively challenging core move brought to you by US Women’s National Soccer Team member and Nike Training Club Master Trainer, Alex Morgan. The alternating kickdown targets your entire core, as well as your arms and legs – basically it’s a full-body workout in one move! The use of the medicine ball is meant to add another level of challenge to the move, but if that feels like too much or if you suffer from neck pain, then this exercise can definitely be modified to be done without the extra weight.

Last week, the USWNT handily defeated Korea Republic 5-0, and with moves like this one, it’s no wonder they were able to do so. We love any exercise that can challenge our whole body in one move, so we’ll definitely be adding this one to our routine.

What’s your favorite core exercise? Will you try the alternating kickdown? 

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