Daily Bite : The Spiderman Pushup

Daily Bite [Sweat]: The Spiderman Pushup


spiderman pushup

As we all saw on Sunday night during the Super Bowl half time show, Beyonce is a triple threat. She has the amazing voice, she has the awesome moves, and she definitely has a rockin’ bod.

The bootylicious beauty did not appear on the Super Bowl stage without a lot of hard work. The set, styling and sweaty dance moves took months of planning before her post-baby body went on display.

Did you see those thighs? And those amazing arms? From head-to-toe, the songstress looked HOT.

Although we wish we could teach you how to perfect Bey’s hip rolls (dancing is one of her fave modes of exercise), our Beyonce Bowl is focused on how to get her toned muscles. We did some research and learned that one of Beyonce’s go-to moves is the spiderman push-up.

And to get a body like hers, we are willing to face our fear of non-girly pushups and…spiders.

Spiderman Pushup

The Set Up:

  • Get in a standard push-up position.
  • As you are pushing up bring your left knee towards your left elbow.
  • Return your leg back to a regular pushup position and lower yourself down.
  • Repeat on your right side.

The abnormal pushup puts more weight on one of your legs so your butt and back are engaged while you simultaneously work your arms. Add a few of these to your strength training routine and you will morph into Beyonce in no time. Well, probably not…but you WILL look like a beast in the gym.

What else does Beyonce do to stay fit? Planks! Lots of planks!

Have you ever tried a spiderman pushup? What did you think of Beyonce’s halftime show?

Photo via Women’s Health Magazine



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