Daily Bite : Exercise at your Fingertips

Daily Bite [Watch]: Exercise at your Fingertips


Calories burned in a mouse click

Looks like science has proven that running your mouse at your desk has some calorie burning perks.

That’s right; each click of your mouse burns 1.42 calories according to a study recently published by PHP Science World. The authors of the study calculated the “total volume of muscles used to bend the index finger.” This is a stat we were just dying to know due to the amount of clicking we do throughout the day.

Just think with an additional 147 clicks in your life you can burn off a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar. Suddenly all of that mindless Facebook album stalking sounds like it might have some perks.

Obviously this is nothing to skip the gym over. But at least you know that you’re burning calories while you are making your way through your work day.

Now if only they could figure out the amount of calories we burn from fast-paced typing…then we might consider going into click overdrive for a Starburst. FYI that would mean you’d have to do an extra 14 clicks.

Check out this video from Mashable to get the rest of the details on the study:

Clicking on This Story Will Make You Burn Calories


Do you know of any offbeat ways to burn a few extra calories? Share them below. 

photo credit: Dave Dugdale via photopin cc



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