Daily Bite : Fitness Gadgets for 2013

Daily Bite [Watch]: Fitness Gadgets for 2013


Daily Bite Watch - Fitness Gadgets of 2013

At Bite Size Wellness we strive to bring you the best of health and wellness one bite at a time. If you think about it, each day is made up of little bites that we make, say, see and do for our healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes that includes finding healthy inspiration and information on the health world via YouTube. Our latest watch: the hottest fitness gadgets for 2013 according to the Wall Street Journal Live.

Hottest Gadgets to Keep You Fit in 2013

The health world is always developing to keep up with the times and we are always in awe of the new gadgets that hit the market. We think some of them will be a smash hit (think Nike Fuel Band) while others will be a flop, but it doesn’t stop us from being fascinated by the techy side of the health world.

The video discusses a few new products that we give the thumbs up or thumbs down to:

Withings WiFi Connected Body Scale—Thumbs Up

We are all about accountability and if that means tweeting your weight to the world, we say go for it. This is the latest and greatest in a healthy weigh-in.

Pyle Sports Waterproof MP3 Player—Thumbs Up

Finally an answer to swimming and jamming out! This is a must have for any water lovers in your life.

Zensorium’s Tinke – Midway Thumb

While we appreciate that you have a source to gain accurate on-the-go information about your body function like heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels, we think that you should let your doctor be the know it all.

Puttyworld’s Thinking Putty – Thumbs Down

We have enough “junk” in our life and this is just another thing to clutter your desk. The thinking putty is meant to help you with your hand exercises and relieve your stress, but to us it is a toy we enjoyed when we were children.

Have you seen any new fitness gadgets this year? Let us know what your favorites are!

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  1. I got my sister a FitBit and she YET TO TELL ME how she likes it, if she has even used it! GRR! If she is not going to use it, I WILL take it and use it! Otherwise, I am pretty old fashion and just use the elliptical, the pilates machine, the treadmill and weights, lol!!

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