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Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Practice Good Hygiene At The Gym

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Practicing good hygiene can lessen your chances of catching a cold at the gym. For classes where a mat is required, it is best that you bring own. Since shared mats are not cleaned thoroughly, they are a breeding ground for bacteria. If the person who used the mat before you put both sides on the floor, you can potentially end up placing your face among all the germs on the floor. Other things you can do to be hygienic in the gym are wipe machines down before you use them, wipe your face with your shirt or a towel (not your hand), and wash your hands with warm water after every workout.

What hygiene tips do you have for the gym?

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  1. Oh I wish more people would listen to this! Whenever I get to the elliptical in my apartment in the AM, there are so many sweat stains all over the machine, it’s quite repulsive! Thankfully, I CAN CLEAN IT ALL OFF because my gym does have sanitary wipes, but really, who has the decency to SWEAT LIKE ITS POURING and then NOT clean off their machine! Disgusts me, and makes me wonder who the heck raised this animal!

  2. I ALWAYS bring my own mat to yoga. I can’t think of anything grosser than lying on a mat that tons of other people have sweat on over and over again. I also wipe down my machines at the gym BEFORE I use them and after. You never can trust that other people will wipe down when they’re done. Finally, always wash your hands after using the weights. I’m guessing those NEVER get cleaned. Make sure not to touch anything when you’re done weight lifting until you’ve hit the sink!

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