Fave Things Friday: Best Face Washing Tools

Fave Things Friday: Best Face Washing Tools


Best Face Washing Tools

Washing your face every morning and night is crucial for the health of your skin. With all of the new tools and products available, it is hard to pick the best products for your facial care.

Here are 3 face must-haves:

Daily Cleansing Cloths from Biore

Biore Cleansing Cloths

A lot of unwanted “junk” gets onto your face everyday. Wipe all the dirt, oil and grime off with a daily cleansing cloth. The dirt-grabbing towelette will cleanse and recharge your skin so that you can feel vibrant and glowing wherever you are. These are great for a gym bag or purse. ($8.99)

Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System from Clarisonic

Clarisonic Skin Care System

The Clarisonic face brush is like an electric toothbrush for your face. The tool helps bring your face cleaning to the next level. With the help of a face brush you can cleanse your skin 6 times better than you can with with just your hands. It gently massages away your skin impurities that can get trapped in your pores. Your skin will better absorb and serums or moisturizers you use in your routine. For smoother and more beautiful skin, we say yes. ($119)

Organic Cotton Towels from Gaiam

Organic Cotton Towels

Most people use the same towel they shower with to also wash and dry their face. This is a big no-no. Scrubbing your skin with a dirty, used towel can force bacteria into the pores. Having an organic cotton towel which doesn’t use chemicals in their production is a way to ensure you keep your skin at its best. The Thick Thirsty towels from Gaiam are 100% organic cotton so you will feel like you are having a spa experience with every use. The towels will become softer with every use! ($12)

What are your favorite face washing products? Share them below. 

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  1. The Clarisonic is EVERYONE’S favorite! My mom gave me hers a while ago BUT… the bristles were so hard that I couldn’t use it! I gave it to my friend who got softer bristles and he said it worked like a charm… But it eventually broke, so now I am thinking I might want to buy one that has VERY SOFT bristles. I need a good exfoliating tool and this might be it.

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