Fave Things Friday: Healthy Gifts for Mom

Fave Things Friday: Healthy Gifts for Mom


Healthy Gift Ideas for Mom

Give mom a gift that goes beyond the norm with a present that is healthy AND creative. After years of making life all about Y.O.U. it only seems fair that you show mom some extra love on Mother’s Day.

Here are 3 of our fave ways to spoil your momma:

A Burst of Floral Love with a Flower Arranging Kit

Flower Arranging Kit

Bright and beautiful spring flowers are definitely a welcome gift and an instant good mood changer, but we suggest you should take it up a notch by giving your mom a bouquet and a hobby to go along with it. All your life mom let your interests shine now is the time to encourage her to embrace her green thumb. Flower arranging is also an activity you can take on together and we are sure there is nothing more that mom wants than time with you. Buy the kit in Etsy for $13.

Give Mom a Love Note with Scribble Linens

Scribble Linens

Since you will already be making Mom brunch with one of our very special Mother’s Day brunch recipes, push her over the edge by serving a love note with breakfast.. We love the thought of leaving mommy dearest a sweet message to read over at her meal. The Scribble Linen gives you a chance to tell mom how much you love her graffiti style. There are many health benefits to expressive writing so you will help mom feel good while also helping yourself. Plus, you can draw on them for many meals to come! The linens come in many shapes and fabrics with lots of chalk choices. For the full table topper expect to pay $70.

Encourage a Soothing Soak with Tub Teas

Tub Tea

Mom getting a day to rest on Mother’s Day is a joke among the most popular Hallmark cards. But we say that you should encourage mom to kick her feet back with an herbal brew for the bath. We are ecstatic about these over-sized tea bags made of aromatic herbs and flowers that will calm a hard-working mom’s mind and body. Buy one of these affordable luxuries here.

What are you giving mom for Mother’s Day? Share your ideas below!

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