Fave Things Friday: Love your Feet

Fave Things Friday: Love your Feet


3 Products for Healthy and Happy Feet

Our feet are not happy right now.

The winter weather caused us to buy some new boots and a day of breaking them only brought on blisters, achy arches and mad toes. But alas, we will not stop our footsie dress-up because we love shoes.

Luckily there is plenty of products out there to keep our feet healthy and happy.

Blister Protection Foot Balm from Sole Goddess

The jumbo sized lip balm is applied to your foot the same way you would apply lip balm to your lips. The genius creation means you won’t have to cover your food in Band-Aids to protect your heels. The formula doesn’t damage or stain your shoes. ($18.75)

Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak from Earth Essentials

Your feet will love this soak! The sea salt is blended with all mint oils that will stimulate and revive your tired feet, rosemary to reduce swelling and tea tree oil to deodorize. So much better than your average foot soak. ($7.99) 

Ansley Moccasins by UGG Australia 

After a full day on your feet, they deserve a break. Slip them into a cloudy heaven with a pair of good slippers. We love the modern moccasins from UGG because of their magical sheepskin insole but also because we can totally where these to the grocery store when we aren’t feeling regular shoes. ($100) 

How do you pamper your feet? Tell us in the comments below.



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