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Fave Things Friday: Run Outside with Ease


3 Outdoor Running Accessories

Outdoor running always seems like a good idea. You don’t have to worry about commuting to and from the gym. There will never be a line at the treadmill. And you can change into your garb without being in a locker room with 20 other sweaty people.

But then you remember you are without the conveniences of a gym bag and a locker and have to figure out how to pack your necessities on your body. Here are 3 of our favorite products that make running outdoors a bit easier.

1. Shoe Wallet from Nike

Running to yoga? Need to grab groceries at the end of your jog? The lightweight Nike shoe wallet is the perfect accessory to carry around your cash, ID, yoga pass or credit card so that you can do your errands after you hit the trails. Simply clip it onto your laces and go. ($10)

Nike Shoe Wallet

2. Wunder Under Pants from Lululemon

Many people tie their house key into their shoe laces, but after one time of your laces coming undone you will learn to never do that again. The modern team at Lululemon created the perfect solution with their Wunder Under Pants that have a clever hidden key holder. In addition to the key compartment, the four-way stretch material makes these pants so comfortable that you may never take them off. ($82)

Lululemon Wunder Under Pants

3. Objex Sports Bra by Alicia Evans

This is one item we wish we would have invented ourselves. You can tuck your phone in the sweat-proof built-in pocket so you can run without holding your music or pushing up the arm band with every step. We want one in every color. ($45)

Objex Sports Bra

What is your favorite outdoor running accessory? What is your favorite from this list?


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