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Get your Chia On: 10 Chia Seed Recipes


10 Chia Seed Recipes

What’s in a tiny seed? A lot.

The ancient chia seed has so many health benefits that we had to do a recipe roundup specifically for it. The oils inside the tiny seeds are bursting with omega 3 and 6’s and packed with antioxidants. They are also an all-natural energy booster, aid in digestion and can help maintain your blood sugar levels.

There is really nothing else to say besides dig in! Here are 10 awesome chia seed recipes:

1. Chia-Breaded Chicken Breast from Dole

Give your breading an extra health punch by mixing in some chia seeds. It is such a good idea!

Chia-Breaded Chicken Breast

2. Fennel Chia Seed Crackers from The Raw Chef

Snack on with these light crackers that are oh so dip-able.

chia seed crackers

3. Raspberry Coconut Chia Pudding Pops from Skinny Taste

Summer is not that far off which means you can eat all the chia pudding pops you want. Or you can just start now.

Chia Pudding Pops

4. Coconut Chia Salad from Laika Magazine

Transport your mouth straight to Hawaii with this fresh as can be take on a salad.

Coconut Chia Salad

5. Chocolate Protein Tahini Chia Balls from Purely Twins

All health nuts have a thing for snack balls. Get snackin’ chia lovers. There is only 6 ingredients in this easy to make recipe!

Chocolate Protein Chia Balls

6. Lemon Chia Bread from Bob’s Red Mill

So long poppy seed muffins! We have our eyes on a new kind of breakfast bread.

Lemon Chia Bread

7. Almond Butter and Chia Seed Cookies from Pamela Salzman

Nothing says dessert like a cookie and we have our eyes on these chia filled bites.

Almond Butter and Chia Seed Cookies

8. Peanut Butter Chia Seed Pudding from The Slender Student

This is better than Reeses…and so much healthier!

Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

9. Chia Soy Glazed Salmon from Shape

Often times chia seeds are found in baked goods but we can’t get enough of the use of chia seeds in a light and healthy fish dish.

Chia Soy Glaze Salmon

10. Raspberry Limeade with Chia Seeds from Honest Cooking

The gel-like texture of chia seeds may be an acquired taste but we think that you’ll fall in love once you taste this refreshing chia beverage.

Raspberry limeade with Chia Seeds

Another perk of the amazing seeds is that you don’t need a full-blown recipe to add them to your diet. You can use them on top of your yogurt, cereal or salad by just sprinkling a small handful on your fare. Bring on the ch-ch-ch-chia!

Do you have a chia obsession? What is your favorite chia seed recipe?


  1. I need to jump on the Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia… BANDWAGON! LOL!!! My mom had them before and said they weren’t that good but these days I am hearing that they don’t even have all that much flavor… Just bulk to keep you full longer! Alright, off to the store I go ;)

    That chicken recipe looks awesome!!

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