Hack your Fitness Infographic: Burn more Calories Fast

Hack your Fitness Infographic: Burn more Calories Fast


When January 1st rolls around we all have an instant burst of motivation to get to the gym, but there are other changes you can make in your everyday life to burn extra calories and really get your fitness resolution moving.

Thanks to Tribesports, here are 7 easy steps you can do to burn almost 3,000 extra calories a day—and it doesn’t involve a treadmill. What we LOVE about this infographic is each simple calorie-burner has a challenge to go along with it that even a strict couch potato can commit to.

Which one are you going to take on?

Tribesports: Hack your fitness


Do you have any fitness hacks to share? List them below!



  1. I work at my computer standing up. I put it on a high counter. If I was in an office setting I’d so get one of those standing desks! I also found I don’t get a sore back working this way…

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