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Link Time: Break Up with a Toxic Friend, Jerk Chicken Drumsticks, Revamp your Space + More


Link Love 1.25.2013

Friday, Friday, FRI-DAY! We may be over excited for the weekend, but it is insanely cold out and we are looking forward to getting cozy in our apartment away from the chill. What did the wellness web teach us this week? How to cook an upgraded chicken wing with jerk spices and that maybe we need to re-evaluate our friendships for the sake of our mental health.

Here are the links we like (a lot):

Fitnessy Reads

Should we all be running barefoot like the Kenya runners? More research is done on the proper form for our fitness past time. Is There One Right Way to Run? (via New York Times Well)

Beauty-Full Advice

We can totally commit to these small once a month changes like getting your beauty sleep and upping your vitamin D intake.  12 Healthy Ways to Get Lean, Mean and Gorgeous (via Refinery 29)

Work, Life and Stuff

Control your natural impulses to binge and purge by overhauling your living space. If it is that easy, we are going into clean mode ASAP. 7 Ways to Revamp your Space for Weight Loss Success (via CNN Health)

Don’t MIND if We Do

Break-ups are not just for lovers. Sometimes a friendship can be mentally draining and damaging. Breaking up with a Toxic Friend (via HuffPo Women)

Eat Me

Drool alert. Buffalo wings have nothing on this. Jerk Chicken Drumsticks (via Eat, Live, Run)

Blog in the Limelight

Results take time, but here are some ways to ensure you are reaching your fitness goals. It may all be in how you LOOK at it. 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Results in the Gym (via FitKnit Chick)

Selfish Shout Out

We may be a little too addicted to Twitter, but we have these awesome health handles to blame. 10 Health and Wellness Twitter Handles We Love (via the one and only Bite Size Wellness)

Randomness We Want More Of

President Obama’s inauguration just passed us by but we love this infographic that gives us background on the fittest presidents. We want to look up to our Athlete-in-Chief! Red vs. Blue: Who Was the Fittest President? [Infographic] (via Greatist)

What are your favorite links this week? Share them or tweet what articles have been on your mind to @BiteSzWellness.

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