Music Monday: Cardio Super Set to “Wake Me Up”

Music Monday: Cardio Super Set to “Wake Me Up”


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Do you ever wish you could listen to country and dance music at the same time? Well–BAM–here you go! Although I still can’t stop listening to “Levels” (go ahead, judge me) this newest base-bumping beat called “Wake Me Up” from Avicii is seriously growing on me. This song is the ultimate mix between two previously un-mixable genres and has been making waves in Avicii’s fan base as well as in the alternative radio world. This song will get you right back on track for that bikini body in no time.

The key to an effective cardio circuit is never, ever, EVER stopping! By keeping your heart rate up between various exercises, you’re burning calories as well as engaging those muscles in the most effective ways! To complete a circuit, do one set of every exercise once, then do the entire thing again. This keeps your muscles and body confused, so you use all the right muscles and never slack off for the last few reps. So if your three key exercises were squats, jump rope and push ups, you’d do 10 squats then 30 seconds of jump rope followed by 5 push ups. That’s one set. Then you do all that over, that’s set two etc. Get it? Good!

This cardio workout can be done at home or in the gym (no excuses!). Remember, never stop and stay light on your toes to achieve the full potential of all your muscles. Concentrate on your breathing and drink plenty of water afterwords. Now get up off that couch and sweat out your problems (because you know what they say, sweat is fat crying!). We hope you enjoy this calorie busting working set to the beat of Avicii and Aloe Black!

The Beat:

The Workout:

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What else would you add to this super set?



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