Protect your Skin Infographic: Chemicals in your Beauty Products

Protect your Skin Infographic: Chemicals in your Beauty Products


Chemicals in your Beauty Products (infographic)

We can say with some confidence that you think a lot more about what you put in your body and not what you put on it. For example, we doubt that you read the ingredient label of your lotion bottle the way you would read a nutrition label for a new snack. It is just human nature to trust that safe products are being sold and we easily buy into name brands because of that reason.

But after reading this infographic from ecomom, our lazy inspection of our beauty product faves will be getting a complete overhaul.  Although we didn’t think our products were completely chemical-free, the fact that on average our skin is carrying around 515 chemicals a day from our beauty routine and 60% of them are getting absorbed into our body just doesn’t sit well.

From nail polish to toothpaste, discover what the most dangerous chemicals in your beauty products are so you can be a smart shopper and protect your greatest asset: your skin.

Chemicals in your Beauty Products Infographic

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Infographic via ecomom

Do you buy all-natural beauty products? What are some of your favorite brands?

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  1. Hehe, which came first? My teenage depression that helped turn me into a black lipstick wearing goth? Or did lead levels in all that black lipstick and eyeliner I wore make me depressed?
    In all seriousness though, dang I was putting a lot of chemicals on my skin.

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