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Salsify Season: Ugly but Delicious Root Vegetable


Raise your hand if you have ever tried salsify before?

Salisfy—the root vegetable—is a lesser known crop you can find at the market. It looks like a mangled, ugly carrot but I hope by now the Weekly Bite has taught you never to judge produce by its cover. It is what is within that counts. Plus it is outrageously more satisfying to make an ugly or scary ingredient into something magically delicious.

Enter the salsify.

What resembles a bundle of fat twigs is actually very nutritious and versatile. The salsify has a sweet, creamy taste and texture. Also known as the “oyster plant,” the flavor is compared to the clean, neutral flavor of seafood. It is also often described as being similar to asparagus or artichoke hearts. The root veg is high in fiber and low in fat. It also contains essential minerals like potassium and vitamin B. Nom.

Salsify is an ancient root vegetable that is starting to gain popularity again because celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay are featuring them on their menu. Although it isn’t the most attractive vegetable it is worth tracking down during the short winter into spring season that the salsify is available.

Educate your palate with this seasonable root vegetable goes with almost anything. You can prepare the salsify the same way you would prepare most root crops like carrots or parsnips. We can only hope you become more familiar with the delicious veg by creating one of these salsify recipes:

Have you tried salsify? What is your favorite way to prepare it?


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