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Super Meal in Bowl: Rush Bowls Review + Giveaway


Rush Bowls Giveaway

It’s smoothie season, but hold off on gearing up your blender.

In fact, keep that bad boy tucked away for good and instead stock up on our newest foodie obsession: Rush Bowls.

What is a Rush Bowl you ask? The wholesome all-natural meal-in-a- bowl is made up of fruit with an add-your-own granola topping (which is included with each of the bowls). And that is it. Simply delightful, dig in with your spoon grubbing and no additive BS. Any food faux pas or allergies you have to work around are covered.  The healthy meal in a bowl is less than 300 calories and there are options for soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free AND vegan.

Rush Bowl Routine

What started as a Boulder, Colorado based smoothie shop has spread like wildfire. Not to really toot the Rush Bowl horn, but professional snowboarder JJ Thomas, model Talor Marion and ironman triathlete Thomas Lopez have all endorsed the Rush Lifestyle.

The flavors are slightly insane—in a good way. Prepare your palate for these flavorful delights:

  • Gluten-Free Beach Bowl: Guava juice, açai berries, mango, banana.
  • Oasis Bowl: Peach juice, coconut milk, pineapples and mangos.
  • Energy Bowl: Cherry, strawberry, apple juice and vitamin B-12.
  • Yoga Bowl: Mango, pineapple, banana, green tea and soy milk.
  • Power Bowl: Blueberry, banana, raspberry, whey protein and rolled oats.

This is probably one of the best on-the-go meals we can think of. It is uber filling, nutritious and puts the flavors of warm weather right onto our tongue. All we did was take our bowl out of the freezer the night before noshing (they have a 1 year shelf life) and by the time we made it through the morning commute our bowl was perfectly defrosted and ready to be devoured. If you are in a rush you don’t have to patiently wait through the thawing process. You can pop your bowl in the microwave and defrost your supermeal in less than a minute.

What we love most about our blended fruit and granola bliss is that you can enjoy them virtually anywhere. We found ourselves getting our nom on at our work desk, but you can pack a Rush Bowl in your bag prior to hitting the trails, hanging out at the sea, lounging in the park—you get the picture. Rush Bowls will thaw out while you play which comes in particularly handy post-workout. We came to realize there isn’t anything more refreshing than signature fruit blends with granola topping after a spin class. (Sorry Pinkberry).

If you are lucky enough to live in the Boulder area then we hope you are making a weekly visit to the smoothie shack from heaven, but if not Rush Bowls are quickly making their way into a store near you. Many Whole Foods and other fine food retailers are catching on to the all-natural fruit bowl trend. Look in the frozen fruit or frozen breakfast areas of your grocer. Check out this list of Rush Bowl hotspots.

More to Nosh On:

  • We feel enlightened and all we did is eat a blended fruit and granola.
  • Obviously we have a thing for creatively named eats and we appreciate that each Rush Bowls has its own unique identity.
  • The bowls do not have any artificial sweeteners and get all of their sugary goodness from the purest of fruits.
  • If you are on the organic train, many of their ingredients are certified organic.
  • The company has a true focus on creating a wholesome meal for the on-the-go person…which is basically all of us.
  • The Rush Bowl team is one-of-a-kind and truly passionate about perfecting the art of Rush Bowl eating. We can’t say enough good things about the brand AND the people, which is a major plus.

Enough of our gushing and onto the tasting. The oh-so-wonderful Rush Bowls elite has offered to give away a sample pack that includes ONE OF EACH of their Rush Bowl flavors. It doesn’t get much better than that.

All you have to do is enter below (and envision yourself eating your Rush Bowls in the park for good luck).

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