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The Biggest Loser Episode 11: Looking Good and Feeling Even Better


Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 11 Recap

It’s Week 11, and the five remaining contestants are looking and feeling great. Plus, they can each taste that quarter of a million dollars (fat free, of course). So what did we learn, other than money is a very good motivator?

  • Weight loss is mental—you have to want it more than you want a cupcake.
  • Jeff has emotions, too.
  • Behavior defines your life.

For their last week, the kids join the contestants on the ranch. The trainers show them how much progress they’ve made, and it inspires the kids to keep working on themselves and their families.

The kids get an update on their health and progress. Lindsay no longer has pre-diabetes, she is normal.  Biingo has lost 25% of his body weight and is in the normal range of a body mass index and his mother has dropped five dress sizes. Sunny’s high cholesterol has normalized. Okay, so enough about the kids…let’s move onto the remaining contestants!

The contestants are working out hard, and the trainers are pretty excited to finally have a group that they can challenge for strength and agility. Jackson starts to get nauseous, but he fights through it…all the way to the sink. Apparently some things never change, and Jackson vomits a lot, like before every workout. Charming.

Gina is fairly confident going into this last week since she has lost the most weight for the past six or seven weeks. As if on cue, her “foot snaps,” slowing down (but not ending) her workout.

Danni learns that she has had the best three-month transformation in Biggest Loser history, gaining 19 lbs of muscle and…are those abs? She may have the beginnings of abs.

But it’s not all fun and games and back-slapping. There is one final challenge at the top of a snowy mountain. The contestants must put back on every pound that they have lost and drag it on a sled to the top of the mountain. The weight will be picked up at ten stations along the way, and it is divided up by how much weight they took off during each of the weeks. The first person to the top of the mountain wins a 1 lb advantage at the weigh-in.

Pulling, schlepping, dragging, running, Danni’s pacing herself, Joe’s going all out, Jackson and Gina are slowing down, Jeff is nowhere to be seen, Gina’s dragging, Jackson is slow and steady, and Joe and Danni are neck-in-neck. Joe ekes out a win and receives the coveted 1 lb advantage.

At the Last Chance Workout, it’s like a monster truck rally on steroids. There’s punching and jumping and running…and Danni’s crapping out. Bob takes Jeff aside and tells him that he really changed him this season, and he doesn’t want him to go back to that big old mess of a blob from three months ago. They hug it out, and it’s nice that Bob’s arms finally fit around Jeff’s back.

It’s the biggest weigh-in yet, and two people will be going home. Whoever falls below the red line goes home automatically. For the two contestants who fall below the yellow line, we get to vote for which one goes home.

  • Joe lost 5 lbs, plus his 1 lb advantage.
  • Jackson lost 5 lbs. Uh oh.
  • Gina lost 2 lbs! Two! Little! Pounds!
  • Jeff lost an amazing 11 lbs, which earns more Bob Hugs™.
  • Danni also lost 11 lbs!

So I guess that means Gina’s going home? Huh. Okay. It looks like Jeff and Danni are two of the three finalists, and we get to vote on the third. It’s between Jackson and Joe, and I’m not going to mince words. I’m voting for Jackson. Not because he’s more deserving, but because he needs this, badly.

Next week, we find out who gets that third spot in the Biggest Loser Finals.

Who will you be voting for? Tell us in the comments below!

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