The Biggest Loser Episode 9: Face Your Fears

The Biggest Loser Episode 9: Face Your Fears


Biggest Loser Episode 9 Recap

This week is all about facing your fears and realizing that:

  • There’s nothing scary in the ocean;
  • Sometimes your fears are just an excuse to fail;
  • It doesn’t take a personal trainer and expensive equipment to reach your weight loss goals.

Francelina was eliminated last week, and Twist! One person is leaving the ranch for an entire week. But in order to determine who leaves, there’s a challenge. The contestants must use cement blocks to stack in front of their friends’ pictures, and whichever picture isn’t covered is the person who is out. So it’s a popularity contest, which essentially means that Gina loses. Also, the person who stacks the most blocks wins a 1 lb advantage. Jeff is safe, Alex is safe, and Jackson is asking people not to put their blocks on his photo. He wants to see how he’ll perform once he leaves the ranch. So Jackson’s going home, and Joe gets the 1 lb advantage. Double Twist! Jackson will be taking one person with him, and Jeff volunteers.

Jackson and Jeff go to a house in Los Angeles and try to sort out their food and exercise without the help of the show. There’s a skunky looking pool in the backyard and a few pieces of exercise equipment strewn about, but otherwise it’s pretty sparse. They go to the supermarket and keep each other in check, returning to the house with an assortment of healthy foods. Then the Comedy Duo of J&J go on a hike to see the Hollywood sign, which they can’t see at all from the mountain they climbed.

Back at the ranch, Jillian makes Gina face her fear of death. Gina is killing herself and her relationships, so Jillian makes Gina get inside of a coffin and think about it for a while. As an added bonus, Gina is claustrophobic. She realizes that she deserves better, and Jillian lets her out of the box. But that is just a taste of what’s to come.

All of the contestants will face a fear of heights. They must stand on platforms seven stories off the ground (which in NYC we call a low floor) and hold onto 40% of their body weight on a pulley system. They’re strapped into safety harnesses, so don’t worry about anyone going splat. The incentive? The winner gets immunity.

Jeff doesn’t have a very good grip from the get go and is the first one out in under five minutes. Jackson’s next to drop, and that sets off a chain reaction with Alex and Joe sliding down the side of the building. With only Danni and Gina left and twenty minutes into the challenge, neither woman looks comfortable. After hanging on with just one hand, Danni finally falls and Gina wins immunity. Nobody is happy about the outcome except, of course, Gina.

Next, Danni has to face her fear of singing in public and Joe has to face his fear of the ocean. Danni did not get booed off of the stage and Joe did not get eaten by a shark, so it was a success.

Jackson and Jeff make their own last chance workout by running garbage cans up and down the street and doing jumping jacks and squats. Dolvett is working Danni out hard because she pulled a big number last week and somehow that means she’s at a disadvantage instead of on a roll. Joe is hurting from Jillian’s workout, and Bob has Gina and Alex tossing medicine balls around.

At the weigh-in, two people will fall below the yellow line. Everyone looks thinner this week so the transformation is definitely happening, but let’s see what the scale says:

  • Gina lost 7 lbs
  • Jackson lost 11 lbs
  • Jeff lost 13 lbs
  • Joe lost 12 lbs
  • Alex lost 8 lbs
  • Danni lost 10 lbs

Everyone did great, but Alex and Jackson still fall below the yellow line. I think we know how this is going to pan out. Yup, Alex is going home.

With five contestants left, next week is makeover week. And, everyone gets to go home and see their families.

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