Thursday Thoughts: A Positive Self-Image Frame of Mind

Thursday Thoughts: A Positive Self-Image Frame of Mind


5 Steps to Positive Self-Image

We all do it. Look in the mirror and sigh.

Then the mental quartet starts to sing its negativity song. I am too this, too that. You know the song, right?

There is a definitely “mirror, mirror on the wall” mentality that most of us carry along with us from day to day, letting it weigh us down. We are waiting for someone else to tell us we are the fairest of them all instead or practicing telling ourselves those words.

But this has to stop.

The way you perceive yourself shows far beyond the scattered thoughts in your head. It is reflected in your personality, your body language and your overall comfort level in daily activities. Yes, people can feel your uncomfortable-ness seeping through without you saying a word.

Since society puts a large amount of focus on the body and beauty we tend to play the comparing game. It is human nature. But feeling good about yourself and your body is not a privilege—it’s a right.

From personal experience, when I feel unhappy about my physique my happiness levels sink drastically and I don’t work as effectively. And strangely, I don’t feel more motivated to eat right and spend time with the treadmill. In fact, the opposite effect happens. It seems easier to sit in a puddle of self-pity instead of a puddle of sweat. Broken thinking, I know, which is why these 5 tips to developing positive body image are so important.

1. Stop Brooding

This is something that I often spend too much doing before I take action. But complaining about your weight, not-so-shockingly, doesn’t help you lose the pounds. The amazing thing about any body weight issues is that action and effort to your healthy lifestyle can fix them—or at least get you going in the right direction. Be proactive!

2. Wear the Right Clothes

What you put on your body can help you carry yourself with confidence. Know your body at its current shape and embrace the “problem spots” with the right garb. Get a haircut, have a spa day or do something to pamper yourself to keep your head up.

3. Break up with your Scale

You are not a number. Say it and mean it.

4. Ignore the Body Fads

Despite what the mags say, there are a lot more people out there that are just like you—even when it doesn’t feel this way. So stop the comparisons of others and focus on yourself. When you are the priority you are more likely to see results.

5. Body Bashing is Lame

There is nothing I hate more than being with a bunch of girls who are chatting back and forth about their weight. I constantly think “is this a really conversation?” but it is so easy to let one comment about “being fat” monopolize your conversations and thoughts. Instead of feeding into it, be a leader. Change the subject to talk about a healthy thing you ate or an active thing you did. With this confident perspective, others will adjust their commentary to follow in your footsteps.

Treat yourself with respect and you will get the respect you deserve.

Are you standing taller already? I sure hope so!

What are your thoughts on self-image? What steps do you take to be sure you have a positive mindset about your body?

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  1. No one is perfect and I think the problem is that people look at beautiful people in magazines and think, wow how come I don’t look like that? Well, it’s because you’re not walking photoshop! Those people in the magazines aren’t what they seem and sometimes they’re not even people! I saw a documentary a long time ago that explained how models usually are photoshopped from multiple different photos or different people! It’s crazy! Looks can be deceiving – that quote has never had so much truth to it.

    • So true! Sometimes it is hard to wrap our head around this, but like I mentioned in the post: most people are walking around looking more like the “norm” and not what is perceived as normal in the magazines. Thanks for reading GiGi!

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