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Top 5 Holiday Beauty Mistakes to Avoid


Now that you’ve received all these invitations to fabulous holiday parties, it’s time to look your best. After you pick your outfits what’s next, hair and makeup! Since there will be a lot of cameras around you’ll want to go with a fun fresh look that will last all evening. Sadly, all of people carry their “more is better” holiday philosophy over to hair styling and makeup application, which can only lead to disaster. Here are five classic holiday beauty mistakes and how you save yourself from them.

Matching your makeup to your clothes

Green Eye Makeup

If you’re already wearing head to toe red, gold, and green, don’t use the same color makeup. Before you know it you’ll look like a Christmas tree, in a bad way. If your clothes are already making a statement, your makeup should be simple and understated. If your clothes are less busy, extenuate one feature on your face with makeup. For example, wear a bright lipstick or shimmering eye shadow, not both.

Mixing cool tones with warm tones

The reason why red and gold look so good together is because they are both warm toned colors. Blue and silver make a great combination because they both cool toned. Based on your skin tone (not color) either cool tones or warm tones will look great on you, but not together. If can’t decide which tone you are, take a look at your favorite jewelry. If the pieces that look best on you are gold, you’re warm toned. If silver jewelry looks great on you, you’re cool toned.

Hair Spray

Dehydrated skin and hair

You may not have time to pamper yourself like you should, but it’s showing. Besides drinking plenty of water, you will need to steps in order to ensure your skin and hair isn’t dry. Why is having hydrated skin and hair important? If your skin is dry a flaky your makeup will apply unevenly and “cake up” on dry flaky patches. If your hair is not hydrated it will look dry and your products won’t work as well. Invest in a good moisturizing face lotion and hair masque and you won’t have to worry about dry skin or hair.

Don’t forget your nails

Glitter Christmas Manicure

Right before your holiday engagement go get your nails done. Any color is fine but don’t be afraid to try something new. If you’re notorious for chipping a manicure, try a gel manicure. Get a sparkly glitter nail polish if you’re more of a plain jane. The holiday season is a great time to step out of your box and try something new. Before you pick a nail polish try it on or consider getting a design on your ring fingernail for extra pizazz.

Have you made any holiday beauty mistakes in the past?


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