Vision Health: 8 Tips for Healthy Eye Care

Vision Health: 8 Tips for Healthy Eye Care


There is much more to our eye care than reading the letters of off an eye exam board from time to time. From “blurry” computer vision (story of my life…) to avoiding macular degeneration, our delicate eyes are some of our most valuable organs but are often neglected when it comes to our health checklist. Luckily there are plenty of ways you can keep your eyes in tip-top shape.

Here are 8 easy ways you can be proactive about your healthy eyesight:

  1. Your Eyes get Thirsty Too: That sappy movie does more than use up an entire box of tissues. Hydrated eyes are happy eyes. Bring on the Time Traveler’s Wife and Marley and Me…on different occasions of course because no one can handle both in one night! Or, invest in some saline solution that can help lubricate your eyes when a tear-fest is not in order.
  2. Veggies that Impact your Peepers: Veg up on more than just carrots for your eye health. Vegetables with lutein and zeaxanthin, two types of potent antioxidants that help to prevent macular degeneration, can help ward off eye problems. Nosh on leafy greens like spinach, kale or Brussels sprouts.
  3. SPF for your Eyes: Squint much? Sunglasses prevent the dreaded crow’s feet and provide you with protection from UV light. A lifetime of UV light exposure can contribute to cataracts and macular degeneration. Think of your sunglasses as sunscreen for your eyes. Pull out those awesome aviators rain or shine!

    Cucumber eyes are so in!
  4. Give them a Break: I know, your eyes rest when you sleep, but staring at the screen all day can put a major strain on your eyes. Implement the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look away from your screen and focus on object that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.  Your eyes should feel much better at the end of your work day if you train yourself of this habit. Every time your computer is being a slug, try it out! (By the way do you all remember the old Kit-Kat commercial? Can’t get it out of my head now so I thought I would pass the jingle into your minds. You love me, right?).
  5. Promote Good Vision with Fruit: Nutrient-dense fruit like avocados, apricots, persimmons and blueberries do wonders for your eyes. Apricots and persimmons are rich in beta carotene while blueberries are associated with reducing eye fatigue. Avocados are high in lutein more than any other commonly used fruit so eating all that guacamole has its perks!
  6. Up your Omega-3s: Getting plenty of omega-3 fatty acids from fish and flax can help prevent dry eyes and assists in overall eye health. Bring fish into your diet on a weekly basis, add flaxseed to your meals or eat some walnuts!
  7. Pamper for Healthy Eyes: Cucumber eyes are so in. If I could make a pair of trendy, stay-cold-all-day glasses I swear I would. Save the last of your cucumber, cut it into thin slices and lay them on your eyes for 15 minutes. Napping is encouraged…of course this is for the benefit of resting your eyes, but it is also about taking advantage of me-time.
  8. Regular Check-Ups: When it comes to doctor’s appointments, your eye check-up is likely last on your list. When was the last time you had an eye exam? You can eat all the right eye health foods and wear your sunglasses even in the shade, but frequent check-ups are important for preventative care.

Treat your eyes right and they may help you see clearly longer! Color your plate for healthy eyes with this recipe for better vision: easy salmon cakes with a side of spinach.

Is eye health at the top of your health to-do list? What do you do at home for healthy eyes? Share below!



  1. Once again we are on the same wave length as I recently posted on eye health. It is so important to take care of your eyes. My father has glaucoma and I can honestly say none of us take our vision for granted anymore. Stock up on your blueberries and persiimmons and rent a tear jerker for some serious eye health. I love those tips Talia. Then, be like Doc, wear your shades in the sun or on overcast days….everyday!
    Jana recently posted..Mothers Day : Mothers Are Special No Matter Who They AreMy Profile

    • I saw that! I love we are in a health-minded wave length together yet also both sharing completely different (and awesome!) tips. Most people don’t think about preventative care (like what eyes, dentist, etc.) and we should. Thanks Jana.

  2. Talia, love this topic!

    My hubby has macular degeneration and about two years ago, after we had started growing our own kale (and eating it daily), a visit to his eye doctor revealed that his retinal pressure had decreased significantly over just 6 months. We attribute it to the kale!

    I did not know about about the relationships between the fruits you mentioned and eye health. Thanks for sharing!

    Now if you could tell me a food that’s good for reducing or preventing fungal infections, I’d love you forever!
    Tamara recently posted..Jock itch and athlete’s foot: not just for men and the hygiene-challengedMy Profile

    • I don’t eat a lot of Kale but am definitely going to have to start. It is like a miracle food, huh? I hear a lot of great things about Kale. I do love my spinach and other greens, I just rarely buy Kale. Next time I am at the store, it is going in my basket!

      Both raw garlic and onions are natural anti-fungals. Unfortunatley, they are also anti-people. Good luck with that!

  3. This is great Talia! I have had eye issues since I was young and I’m just now starting to take responsibility for the part I’ve played in letting them stare at computer screens for too long (I grew up around computers so have been looking at them longer than most in my generation!).

    That said, I watched The Notebook the other night, and other than being a great “soul release,” it was also an amazing way to re-hydrate my eyes! Seriously an hour and a half of free flowing tears!

    I haven’t seen The Time Traveler’s Wife (read the book though!) – will check out that film the next time I need another refresher!
    Sabrina at MyMiBoSo recently posted..Body: I Love You, Food – The Power of Intention on What We EatMy Profile

    • Computer screens…love ’em and hate ’em! The eyestrain for so many hours a day is rough…glad you recognize this and are taking responsibility for your eye care. I still have the Time Traveler’s Wife on my book list, but got to the movie first. So good!

  4. Thanks for the good healthy eye tips! At my daughter’s recent “SPAtacular” birthday party, we had honey/oatmeal/yogurt face masks w/ cucumbers on eyes. My other daughter and a couple of the girls had immediate poor reactions to the cucumbers. I’ve always found them refreshing, so was surprised and kinda bummed about that. I do very much appreciate the 20/20/20 reminder!
    Amy Croan, MPH recently posted..Good GriefMy Profile

    • Hi Amy! That sounds like the most fun kid b-day party ever. Wish I was invited! Sad to hear the girls didn’t get the refreshing cucumber goggle punch that I know and love…Maybe eye goggles are only cool with age:) Appreciate you stopping by BSW.

  5. I learned a lot about my eyes needing to be hydrated. I am not one who cries very easily. Which means I should probably look into getting some saline solution.

  6. I try and take really good care of my eyes. In the past I really took for granted my good vision, but it meant so much more when I realized that I have holes in my retina. I don’t know how long I have had them, but it was enough to impair my vision to a degree. For a while I was regularly going to the eye doctor to make sure my vision didn’t get worse or that my retina didn’t detach.

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