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WellBitten Wellness Tip: Demystify the Detox


Who doesn’t love some pin-able bites of inspiration? Introducing WellBitten–a daily series full of fit tips, motivational thoughts and healthy eating ideas for head-to-toe wellness. Think of it as a post-it from BSW to keep you moving, eating right and feeling WellBitten!

Beginner Detoxifying


The term detox is thrown around often in the health world, but lots of people are still confused about what it actually means to detox. The goal of a detox is to give your liver and digestive organs a rest by giving the body time to release built up toxins and waste. Detoxing can be as simple as changing your diet for a week to be more nutritious to doing a juice cleanse for a day or two. Moderation is always key when it comes to choosing what form of detox is right for you..

Have you ever tried to detox? What worked and what didn’t?



  1. If someone wants to “detox” I feel like they need to adopt a healthy diet and maybe replace one of their meals with some juiced vegetables and fruits. My problem with juices though is that they lack fiber, and fiber is how one can get rid of toxins in their body the fastest – it helps promote quicker transit time!

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