Wellness Wire: Cheese Rolling Race + Other Weird Ways to Get Fit

Wellness Wire: Cheese Rolling Race + Other Weird Ways to Get Fit


If you are a fan of cheese and a fan of exercise there is an event that is made just for you: the historic Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake near Gloucestershire, England. Kenny Rackers, an all-American athlete from Colorado, traveled almost 5,000 miles to compete in this strange event and won. He is the first American to ever with the British Cheese Rolling Race.

Rackers, and American veteran, trained vigorously to check the cheese rolling competition off of his bucket list. Competitors climb to the top of a steep hill where a “cheese master” hurls the cheese down a hill and competitors simply tumble, stumble, roll and race after it. The 200-year-old annual event is quite dangerous, but the first person to grab the cheese and cross the finish line earns a place in the history books.

We don’t know about you, but Rackers inspired us to look into other weird and wacky ways to get fit—as if cheese rolling wasn’t enough. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, but getting your adrenaline going is a heart-pumping way to get that feel-good endorphin spurred and get in some physical activity at the same time.

Take a break from the treadmill and try these:

1. Paint Balling

Paint balling is the ultimate past-time if you want to go into battle. The game of shooting breakable paint-filled gelatin balls at the opposing team will have you running, jumping and hiding for cover.

2. Underwater Training

How it works: jump into the ocean, pick up a gigantic rock and run. The crazy underwater exercise combines resistance training with functional movement and breath control.

3. Sign Up for an Obstacle-Course Race

If a regular running trail just isn’t doing it for you anymore, sign up for a race like the Rugged Maniac or the Warrior Dash that combines fitness with adventure. It is definitely an exciting way to work out if crawling through mud and under barbed wire appeals to you.

Do you know of any other crazy ways to workout? Would you ever sign up for the cheese rolling race?

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  1. LOVE PAINTBALLING and it’s true, it’s a great way to get in a work out, I mean you have to run, jump, roll, hide, etc. I did paint balling before in the woods on the side of a mountain, talk about uneven terrain that got my heart rate up – Plus, paint balling is an adreneline rush!!

  2. Cheese and fitness!? I’m there, haha.
    It’s not “crazy”, per se, but I went square dancing recently and that’s actually an exhausting but fun workout!

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