Wellness Wire: Mexico’s Weight Problem

Wellness Wire: Mexico’s Weight Problem


Mexico Obesity Feature

A big round of applause for the USA please – on no longer being the fattest nation in the Americas! That title now goes to Mexico, according to a new study by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Association (FAO). This news, however does not by any means indicate that we’re in the clear in terms of our weight health. With a national obesity rate of 32.8%, Mexico managed to just barely edge out the US by a mere 1 percent.

So how did our neighbor to the south manage to squeeze us out of the top spot? Well according to the study, the updated statistics are a result of a number of different lifestyle changes. The urbanization of Mexico has lead to more sedentary professions, meaning less manual labor and physical activity. This is combined with a new, modern diet that consists of a significant amount of processed foods and sugary beverages that are high in calories and low in nutritional value. Sound familiar? Well they should as these are, in fact, the same reasons that are used to explain the the obesity crisis here in the US. Similarly, the method of combating these negative effects is by switching to a more varied diet containing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, eliminating sugar-sweetened beverages, and getting adequate exercise.

Did reading this article leave you with a sudden craving for Mexican cuisine? Check out these quick recipes for some tasty Mexican-inspired recipes that won’t tip the scales:


What’s your take on this news about Mexico’s weight problem?

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