10 Utterly Unique Chili Recipes

10 Utterly Unique Chili Recipes



The chill is in the air and that just gets me thinking about all the things I love about fall: pumpkins, apple picking, Uggs, more television shows to get addicted to and chili. I’m a sucker for a delicious bowl of chili.

I know fall doesn’t officially start for another week, but I am already in the mood for the warm seasonal flavors of autumn’s finest meal. It screams lazy Sunday and football season. Oh, and it screams crock pot which is the equivalent to night after night of easy meals. I’m not complaining.

Clearly the logical thing to do is incessantly pursue the web looking for the best of the best in chili recipes so that I am prepared for my first official fall feast. So far it has just lead to virtual drool spots and tummy growling. Thought I would share the feeling with this chili round-up.

Ready eat your way through this interesting chili concoctions one bowl at a time? Here are 10 flavorful and unique chili recipes you will love from the classic (served in a jar!) to the version that calls for spaghetti, we’ve got them all! (Click the photos for the recipes.)

1. Jerk Chicken Chili from Smells like Home

Close your eyes and you will be in the Caribbean.

 2. Black Bean-Mushroom Chili from Huffington Post

I can never have enough mushrooms. Yum times a million.

3. Pork and Pumpkin Chili from Food Network

Won’t have to twist my arm to give this pumpkiny goodness a try.

4. Simple Chili and Cornbread in a Jar from Whipper Berry

You are eating the two together anyway, so why not?

5. White Bean Chicken Chile Verde from Good Life Eats

Usually you top chili with green onions and a pinch of cheese, but I love the idea of topping a white chili with cilantro pesto.

6. Beef and Beer Chili from Eat Well with Others

Nothing says game day better than combining beef and beer in a bowl.

7. Lentil Cincinnati Chili from Oh My Veggies

Cincinnati chili is a 4-way that sounds so wrong and so right. Spaghetti, chili, cheese and onions in every flavorful bite.

8. Buffalo Chicken Chili from Blog is the New Black

Buffalo chicken everything is amazing. Now all we need is a recipe for bleu cheese biscuits!

9. Shrimp and Red Bean Chili from Chili Pepper Madness

If you are super crazy about seafood and super crazy about chili you are in luck.

10. Smoked Turkey and Mango Chili from Reluctant Entertainer

Now that is a food combo I never would have thought of!

What is your favorite chili recipe? Which one of these do you want to try most?



    • I love the variety of chili…so many ways to make it, so many flavors to play with. Looks like I know what will be on our menu board soon!

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