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Fave Things Friday: 3 Reasons We Love Pedal NYC


As you know, we have been testing out new fitness studios across the city, but we loved PEDAL so much that we went back for more.

We were lucky enough to have Mr. Ray, Pedal owner and fitness badass, treat Bite Size Wellness fans to a private 30/30 workout which we loved (and also hated because we thought that potentially Mr. Ray was going to kill us).

Pedal is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to get our sweat on. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Mr. Ray, we heart you.

When it comes to group fitness classes we have very high expectations. Mr. Ray might be one of the best. He clearly puts a lot of time into planning his sweat sessions. All of the moves are set to a beat, he keeps you updated on what is going to come next and speaks CLEARLY. Fitness is Mr’ Ray’s passion and we can feel it—and our body appreciates his tactics for days post-class.

Mr Ray at Pedal

2. You can mix your love of spin with other awesome workouts.

The BSW class we took was 30/30 which started with 30 minutes of spin and ended with 30 minutes of TRX. It was our first time experiencing TRX and honestly, we were beat from the super intense spin session we had just had but Mr. Ray had us push it to the very end. We loved doing a complete class switch halfway through. It was a great change of pace. Another 30/30 offering is a spin and yoga sequence. We will be all over that. The fitness boutique also hosts hour-long TRX, a crunchless ab class called CoreRxN and lots of different spin sessions.

Pedal NYC TRX and Spin

3. The studio is modern, clean and plays fabulous music.

From the Livestrong bikes (that are like riding on clouds) to the bright green and purple décor, everything about the way Pedal is put together just fits. There is an amazing courtyard out front which has endless options for outdoor workouts. And, they make a huge effort to keep things social. In class Mr. Ray literally weaves in and out of the bikes with his iPad and Spotify playlist in hand and outside of the studio they are a social media monster.  One of our favorite moments: when “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons was played. So perfect.

Pedal NYC Bite Size Wellness Group Photo

We could go on and on about Pedal, but really you should just get there to experience it yourself. Be sure to say we sent you!

Connect with Pedal on Facebook and Twitter too.

Have you coupled a spin class with another workout? What is your favorite spin studio?


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